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Charles Parker & Christer Karlsson

Leadership and International Cooperation

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Current research

400 years of experience

At the Department of Government in Uppsala we have been conducting research and educating students for nearly 400 years. Today we provide a vibrant and internationally successful research environment. With 60 faculty members and 40 PhD-students, we are recognized as one of the leading political science departments in the Nordic countries. Each year, the department awards the prestigious Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science to an outstanding international scholar within our discipline.
The department’s faculty consists of researchers covering all the major fields of political science. Our shared objective is to analyze the conditions for political power and the prerequisites for well functioning democratic institutions. Members of our faculty are frequently turned to by the media for expert analysis, asked to serve in public commissions, and engage in the wider society in a variety of ways. A degree from the Department of Government is a valuable commodity and many of our graduates have gone on to have successful careers in leading public and private sector positions.
The Department of Government is situated around the historic Skytteanum building in the heart of the city, which is a part of Uppsala University’s Gamla torget (“Old Square”) Campus.



Johan Skytte Prize Winner 2014 is professor David Collier, University of California, Berkeley.
David Collier is the 2014 recipient of the Johan Skytte Prize in political science. He receives the prized for “his contribution to the conceptual development and the re-thinking of qualitative methods in political science”. The Johan Skytte Prize in political science is awarded by the Skytte foundation. David Collier´s thorough empirical research on Latinamerican political pathways, his theoretical development of theories on critical junctures and legacies, in combination with his energetic re-thinking of the position of qualitative methods in the discipline, makes him a political scientist of great importance to contemporary political science.




Department of Government | Gamla Torget 6 | SE-751 20 Uppsala | Phone: +46 18-471 12 06| Fax: +46 18-471 16 35