Department of Government


Courses in English at the Department of Government

Courses at the Department, as at Uppsala University in general, are mostly 7.5 or 15 credits course modules. 7.5 credits courses comprise 4-5 weeks of full-time study, 15 credits courses 9-10 weeks of full-time study. Students take their courses sequentially (one course after the other). Full-time studies also means 30 credits per semester, or ca 1.5 credits per week (40 working hours). Courses are either at Undergraduate level (Bachelor), or Advanced level (Master).

You can find our current Courses in English 2019 here.

Courses at Other Departments

Selection of Courses
Visiting students normally select courses at the department where they are exchange students. Courses from other departments can be selected. However we can not guarantee admission for these courses. In that case, please contact the appropriate contact person at the department of government as soon as possible, well in advance before it is time to select courses (before October 15 for the spring semester and before April 15 for the autumn semester).

The number of visiting students per course is predetermined, which means that some students may not be admitted to their first choices. Courses may also be added to or deleted from the programme. New optional courses by visiting professors can be offered, and courses may be cancelled or only taught in Swedish, if they are selected by an insufficient number of visiting students.

More detailed descriptions of the courses taught in English are available Courses for Exchange Students.


Even though a visiting student may choose to study a course at another department, he or she must register through the coordinator at the department of government.

Swedish Language Course

The Swedish language courses can be taken in addition to the regular academic programme. They do not give credits that are valid for a degree at Uppsala University but are anyhow designated with study unit figures, which are equivalent to Swedish academic points in the sense that they reflect the estimated workload. Thus, "Swedish 1" gives 7,5 ECTS credits, which indicates an estimated workload corresponding to the same number of full time study weeks. However, the course is given during 12 weeks, i.e. at half speed, and could therefore be taken in addition to the regular academic programme. You apply to the Swedish language course after arrival at Uppsala.

The language course does not provide instruction sufficient to follow courses taught in Swedish, so a good proficiency in English is still required for all non-Scandinavian visiting students.