International Politics

‘International Politics’ is a thriving sub-discipline at the Department of Government. The research and courses in this field cover international relations theory, foreign policy analysis, peace and conflict research, international cooperation, and security studies with an emphasis on crisis management. 

The researchers in this group have been extremely productive and their publications have appeared in the top journals and presses of the field. They include present and former editors of scientific journals (Ethics & Global Politics, European Journal of International Relations, Journal of International Relations and Development, and Cooperation and Conflict), and are editorial committee members or advisory board members of almost a dozen leading IR and public policy journals and major book series.

Some highlights of on-going and past research projects include work on foreign policy analysis (Professor Walter Carlsnaes and Professor Stefano Guzzini), power analysis in international relations and the return of the geopolitical imagination in Europe (Professor Stefano Guzzini), international and EU climate change politics (Associate Professor Charles Parker and Associate Professor Christer Karlsson), electoral violence and the problematique of building just and durable peace (Associate Professor Anna Jarstad), international crisis management (Professor Bengt Sundelius and Associate Professor Fredrik Bynander), the origins and consequences of the warning-response problem (Associate Professor Charles Parker), institutional security competition between NATO and the EU in Europe (Associate Professor Fredrik Bynander), accountability in global governance (Professor Leif Lewin), and ethics and global politics (Associate Professor Eva Erman).