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Our research is characterised by methodological diversity, ranging from advanced statistical analysis to historical methods and analysis of ideas, and covers all major sub-areas of political science. A central focus of much of our research are questions of power and democracy as they arise in Sweden, Europe and the Global South.

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The Johan Skytte donation letter from 1622.

In 1622, Johan Skytte bequeathed land and property to Uppsala University. The donation was to finance a professorship in Eloquentia et politices (eloquence and politics). Over the centuries, a strong political science department has evolved around the professorship. The department is located at Gamla Torget 6 and in the historic building Skytteanum in Uppsala. 

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Johan Skytte Prize

The Johan Skytte chair in Eloquence and Government is probably the world’s oldest active professorship in political science. The lands included in the original donation continue to finance research and the Johan Skytte Prize. The prize money of SEK 500,000 is awarded every year by the Skytte Foundation at Uppsala University to the person who has made the “most valuable contribution to political science”.

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Johan Skytte (1577-1645) painted by Jacob Elbfas

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