Collaboration with Various Actors in Society

From Berit Sahlström's textile art piece Political Science Square

The researchers and teachers of the Department of Government are often employed as experts in various contexts and collaborate extensively with companies, authorities and organisations in the wider community.


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Researchers on film

  • "Positive and negative freedom" Gina Gustavsson explains the differein in an interview from October 2023

  • "Skytteanum a living building". A film produced by Uppsala University 2023

  • "Varieties of Peace" interviews with peace researchers for the VOP network 2022

  • Skytte Prize 2020/2021: Peter J. Katzenstein, David D. Laitin, Margaret Levi, Leif Lewin, Li Bennich Björkman

  • Gina Gustavsson on her book "Liberalism and Its Critics", Institute for Future Studies, on 5 February 2020.


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The Swedish Network for European Studies in Political Science (SNES) is a university-based research network that strives to disseminate knowledge about European issues to researchers and the public.

Swedish Network for European Studies in Political Science

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Swedish universities co-operate since 1998 within a national network structure for European studies. This structure comprises of networks for political science, economics and law. The networks are together responsible for the annual yearbook for European studies - Europaperspektiv. The book can be ordered from Santérus Förlag (Publishing). Older Yearbooks are available for download free of charge

Annual yearbook for European studies: Europaperspektiv.

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