Development Studies

You can study Development Studies at the undergraduate level by taking free-standing courses or by taking courses within the structure of different Bachelor's Programmes. You can, in addition, study Development Studies at the advanced level within the Master's Programme in Political Science. The subject of Development Studies is especially suitable for those who are interested in international issues, global sustainable development, and international aid. Development Studies at Uppsala University is inspired by the subject's inherently interdisciplinary character while maintaining a clear political science profile. Several courses in Development Studies are taught in English.

Coordinator Development Studies

Maria Eriksson Baaz
+46 70 167 96 55

Emma Elfversson
018-471 12 11

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Bachelor's Programme in Political Sciences

Language of instruction is Swedish and students are required to demonstrate knowledge of Swedish to apply. Information about the programme is available in Swedish only.

Bachelor's Programme (in Swe)

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Bachelor's Programme in Peace and Development Studies

The Bachelor's Programme in Peace and Development Studies is a three-year education comprising 180 credits. The programme is an internationally oriented, interdisciplinary education with a Political Science profile. Please note that students need proven knowledge in Swedish in order to apply.

Peace and Development Studies 

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Master's Programme in Political Science

The Master's Programme in Political Science leads to a Master of Science in Political Sciences (120 credits).The programme develops your ability to critically assess conceptual and empirical problems, conduct independent problem-solving, and collect and process complex material. You will leave with a systematic understanding of the fundamental questions of political science.

Master's Programme

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Courses for exchange students

Most of our courses taught in English are only available for Master’s students or formal exchange students.

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Uppsala Peace and Development Students' Association

UPaD (Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association) is the association for students of the Bachelor Programme in Peace and Development Studies. We also welcome exchange students in relevant courses. Our goal is that our members will have a comprehensive and exciting study experience through arranging for example inaugurations of new students, events and mentorships. We also work as a link to both the University and our future field of work. We offer many opportunities to get involved and to have lots of fun at the same time!

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Teachers at the Department of Government

Our teachers are researchers cover all major sub-areas of Political Science and publish extensively and broadly for both international and Swedish audiences.


Our researchers participate

Mattias Sigfridsson during a seminar
Mattias Sigfridsson, Director of studies first cycle
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