Selecting your courses

Courses in English at the Department of Government

Courses at the department, and at Uppsala University, are generally 7.5 or 15 credits course modules. 7.5 credits courses comprise 4–5 weeks of full-time study, 15 credits courses 9–10 weeks of full-time study. Students take their courses sequentially. Full-time studies encompass 30 credits per semester, or approximately 1.5 credits per week (40 working hours). Courses are available at either Undergraduate level (Bachelor's) or Advanced level (Master's).

List of Courses in English for Autumn Semester 2022

Courses at Other Departments

Visiting students normally select courses at the department where they are exchange students, however courses from other departments can also be selected. We cannot guarantee admission to courses in other departments. If you wish to take a course in another department, please contact the Exchange Coordinator at the Department of Government well in advance of the time to select courses (before October 15 for the spring semester and before April 15 for the autumn semester).

List of courses all Uppsala University courses for exchange students. 

Swedish Language Courses

Uppsala University offer a course for you who want to learn the basics in the Swedish language. The course is aimed for international students without previous knowledge of the Swedish language. Basic Swedish 1 gives you an introduction to the Swedish language through teacher-led training and to an extent self-learning. 

Taking the course also gives you the opportunity to get to know and study with other international students.

The course includes 48 lessons and you meet the teacher and your group twice a week.

Passed course gives you 7,5 credits and aims at the A1 level on the CEFR-scale.

Last modified: 2022-03-10