Magda is undertaking an internship at The Swedish National Audit Office


Magda Bertz Wågström is currently enrolled in the Master’s Programme in Political Science. During the autumn semester 2020, she is doing an internship at The Swedish National Audit Office.

Magda Bertz Wågström

Where are you undertaking your internship? Why did you apply for an internship there?

I am undertaking my internship at Riksrevisionen (The Swedish National Audit Office). Riksrevisionen audits the whole chain of executive power, and carries out both performance audits and financial audits. I applied to Riksrevisionen because I would like to work as an investigator, and I was confident that an internship semester at Riksrevisionen would give me great insights in how qualified investigation work is executed outside of academia. Also, I wanted to touch upon several political areas during my internship which I knew I would be able to do at Riksrevisionen.

What are your main tasks at the internship?

I am undertaking my internship at the unit that investigates efficiency within the healthcare system. I have been involved in two audit projects during this fall - one project which is auditing the state's work with suicide prevention, and one project which is auditing the authority Tandvårds- och Läkemedelsförmånsverket (The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency). I am taking part in the ordinary investigation work, for example by executing interviews and to summarizing qualitative interview material. Analytical discussions within the project groups are also a large part of the job.

To what extent is what you learned during your studies applicable in your internship?

The audit projects are developed in a way that has a lot of similarities with the academic way of working. We have seminars with opponents at two occasions during the audit process, and the work is focused on making sure that the conclusions ties well with the found evidence. Therefore, my methodological knowledge has been very useful.

Would recommend future students to do an internship? Why/why not?

I would definitely recommend doing an internship as part of the training. It's definitely a cliché, but maybe it's because it's true: you really get an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge on reality and on real events which is helpful when you want to grasp the whole picture.