Sara has done an internship at Ernst & Young (EY)


Sara Jansson is currently enrolled in the Bachelor Programme in Political Sciences, majoring in economics. During the autumn semester 2020, she has undertaken an internship at Ernst & Young (EY).

Sara Jansson

Where did you undertake your internship? Why did you apply for an internship there?

I was an intern at EY during the autumn semester of 2020, EY is an audit firm that mainly focus on financial audit but I had my internship at the operations audit department. At the operations audit department I became a part of a smaller group that works with auditing state, regional and local operations from laws, control documents and regulations. The operations audit department at EY mainly conducts audits of local operations and compiles the audits in the form of a written report. Operation auditors work on assignment from the local auditors that according to the law needs to bring in experts when auditing the political organization.

What were your main tasks at the internship?

During my internship my main task was to assist in the operational audits, I would help collect important documents as well as other important information, I would schedule interviews and, in some cases, also conduct the interviews. The main task would be to help write the operation audit report which is the outcome of the audit process. I was a part of different audits during my internship such as an audit regarding violence in close relations and how the local government in question handled these questions, how the local government handled targeted government grants and an audit of the local governments economic forecast. I’ve also worked independently on a follow-up audit which is when previous recommendations are followed up and the situation is evaluated and presented in a written report. The assignments at the internship has been very diverse and challenging which is very rewarding.

To what extent has what you learned during your studies been applicable in your internship?

A lot of what I learned during my bachelors in political science and economics was applicable in my internship, through political science classes I learned to collect great amounts of information and single out the important parts and it’s also given me a greater understanding of how our state institutions work which has been helpful during my internship. The conducted audits that we preform is based on how well the operations match the relevant laws and therefore the law class that we took has helped me to make conclusions on how well these two correspond. My knowledge in economics has also been useful due to audits of long-term economic forecasts preformed by local governments.

Would recommend future students to do an internship? Why/why not?

I would definitely recommend future students to do an internship because it can give you a good indication on what you would like to work with in the future as well as work experience.