Follow up/evaluation

Follow up 

Visits to the internship work places 
To monitor the development of the internship programme, Internship Coordinator Marie Nylund visits a number of host organisations every year (including those abroad). 



At the end of each internship, interns are required to submit a written report evaluating their experiences from the internship. The report is submitted to the host organisation and the Department of Government. The report provides useful information to future interns and is used in the development and improvement of the internship programme. 

The report must be 3–4 pages and should include the following points: 

  • The work place - brief description of the host organisation, work assignments, organisation.  
  • Assignments - describe assignments and projects you have completed during the internship. 
  • How has your theoretical knowledge been useful during the internship? 
  • Positive feedback – what was good about the internship and the workplace? 
  • Negative feedback – what was not so good about the internship? 
  • Suggestions for improvement


It is also important to get an evaluation of the student’s work during the internship. There is a specific form to be filled out by the supervisor after the internship. The form will be sent to the supervisor by the end of the internship period.