Studying Political Science

You can study Political Science at the undergraduate level by taking free-standing courses or by taking courses within the structure of the Bachelor's Programme in Political Sciences. In addition, courses at the advanced level arise within the Master's Programme in Political Science. During your studies you will, among other things, study the origins and principles of political ideas, issues and questions of democracy and power, the evolution and collapse of nation states, globalisation and terrorism, climate refugees and international relations, as well as the role of the UN and the EU membership.

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Bachelor's Programme in Political Sciences

Language of instruction is Swedish and students are required to demonstrate knowledge of Swedish to apply. Information about the programme is available in Swedish only.

Bachelor's Programme (in Swe)

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Master's Programme in Political Science

The Master's Programme in Political Science leads to a Master of Science in Political Sciences (120 credits).The programme develops your ability to critically assess conceptual and empirical problems, conduct independent problem-solving, and collect and process complex material. You will leave with a systematic understanding of the fundamental questions of political science.

Master's Programme

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Courses for exchange students

Most of our courses taught in English are only available for Master’s students or formal exchange students.

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PhD Programme in Political Science

Doctoral studies in Political Science comprise 240 ECTS credits and conclude with a doctoral degree. The department's research is characterised by methodological diversity and covers all major sub-areas of Political Science.

PhD Programme

Teachers at the Department of Government

Our teachers are researchers cover all major sub-areas of Political Science and publish extensively and broadly for both international and Swedish audiences.


Our researchers participate

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Mattias Sigfridsson, Director of studies first cycle
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