Peter J. Katzenstein awarded 2020 Skytte Prize


Peter J. Katzenstein, Cornell University, USA, has been named the 26th recipient of the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. He is awarded the prize for “furthering the understanding of how history, culture, and norms shape economies, as well as national and global security policy”.

Peter J. Katzenstein. Illustration: Anna Ileby

Katzenstein, born in Hamburg, Germany, has made pioneering contributions in research on the international system and international relations in which he has shown how national culture and history shape national perspectives on security and relations with other countries. By the 1980s, his work had laid the foundations of the field of political economy, in which relations between government, the market, and labor institutions are central.

In his empirical research, Peter Katzenstein has specialized in Europe, especially Germany, Asia, especially Japan, and the United States. Katzenstein argues that, rather than moving towards greater congruence, the distinctiveness of national societies is being constantly reproduced, even in a globalized and digitalized world.

The prize ceremony will take place in Uppsala on 3 October 2020.

"Shaped by the history and culture of its nations, the world will remain a heterogeneous place" Li Bennich-Björkman writes about the prize winner Peter J. Katzenstein.