Peace and Development Research Day


On 21 May 2019 the Department of Government, the Department of Peace and Conflict Research and Uppsala Peace and Development Students' Association (UPaD) organised the annual Peace and Development Research Day. This event provides an opportunity for students and researchers to meet and discuss current topics related to peace and development research.

The main theme of this year’s Peace and Development Research Day was the relationship between academia and practice. What difference does research in the peace and development really make?

Conducting Research in Peace and Development

 Anders Sjögren, Camille Pellerin, Erika Forsberg and Elsa Solvin.

The conference began with three mini lectures by Erika Forsberg, researcher at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, and Anders Sjögren and Camille Pellerin, both researchers at the Department of Government. The scholars presented their research and talked about, from a personal perspective, what it is like to conduct research in peace and development. Why did they choose to become researchers? What are the challenges they face? What does a day in the field - or in the office - look like? 

Does Research in Peace and Development make a difference?

After a short break Erika Forsberg, Camille Pellerin and Anders Sjögren continued to discuss the impact of research on peace and development. The students asked questions about the relationship between academia and practice in this area. What can research learn from development practitioners? What can practitioners and policy makers learn from research? How can we collaborate? In what ways is an academic education useful for practical work? 

Does research matter? Open discussion between students and researchers.

Honorary member

The event was coordinated and the panel discussion was moderated by Elin Bjarnegård who is the Coordinator of Development Studies and an Associate Professor at the Department of Government. During the Peace and Development Research Day, UPaD took the opportunity to appoint Elin Bjarnegård as honorary member of organisation. The motivation (in Swedish) is as follows:

Elin Bjarnegård appointed honorary member.

Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association vill hämed nominera universitetslektor inom utvecklingsstudier vid Statsvetenskapliga institutionen vid Uppsala universitets Elin Bjarnegård till hedersmedlem i föreningen. Elin Bjarnegård är även affilierad till institutionen för freds- och konfliktforskning vid Uppsala universitet där hon bland annat var en nyckelpersoni utformningen av East Asian Peace Program. Utöver detta undervisar hon även inom genusfrågor och praktisk utvecklingspolitik på statsvetenskapliga instituionen där hon även har fört en aktiv dialog om utökat erkännande av utvecklingsstudier i förhållande till det statsvetenskapliga forskningsområdet. Elin Bjarnegårds engagemang inom området utgör därmed en viktig roll för fortsatt forskning inom utvecklingsstudier vid Uppsala universitet.

Development Studies Research Seminar

A Development Studies Research seminar was organised in the afternoon of the Peace and Development Research Day. The seminar is open to PhD students and researchers who conduct development studies relevant research and its purpose is to strengthen the development studies community. It included a panel discussion on fieldwork security for researchers and students and the discussion of six different research papers.

Erika Forsberg’s research interests include gender dimensions of war trauma, armed conflict and post-conflict peacebuilding. She has explored these research questions with a combination of statistical analysis of survey data and analysis of interview and focus group data based on field work in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Erika teaches courses mainly at the Masters and PhD level at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research.

Camille Pellerin recently defended her PhD thesis drawing on ethnographic field work in Ethiopia. Her research focuses on civil society-state relations under authoritarian rule and her thesis investigates how the relationship between the Ethiopian state and civil society organizations affected regime stability. Camille is a teacher in Development Studies at both the Bachelor and Masters level.

Anders Sjögren is conducting research in comparative politics and focusing on how democratization and national identity shapes and is shaped by state-society relations. He is currently working on ethno-regional mobilization in the context of decentralization. Most of his field work has been conducted in East Africa, particularly in Kenya and Uganda. Anders is a teacher at the Bachelor level of Development Studies.

Elin Bjarnegård is Associate Professor in Political Science and Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the Department of Government at Uppsala University in Sweden. She is also affiliated to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. Dr. Bjarnegård’s research and teaching interests span the field of comparative politics with a particular focus on gender. She is presently involved in three different research projects and she is responsible for the course "Development Policy in Practice".