Elin Bjarnegård awarded fellowship at Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study


Elin Bjarnegård, Department of Government at Uppsala University, has been selected for a stay at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) in Amsterdam.

NIAS Fellowship Announcement

Elin Bjarnegård

The project is called The Gender Politics of Authoritarianism and investigates why authoritarian states carry out gender equality reforms and seek to boost women’s political representation.

The NIAS Fellowship allows Elin Bjarnegård to work on her book project for a period of 10 months in the academic year 2020/21. 

Elin Bjarnegård will become part of a carefully selected community of about sixty scholars, artists and writers. She was selected by an external review process on the basis of the quality and innovative value of the research proposal. The success rate of NIAS fellowships is about ten percent.

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NIAS - one of the institutes of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) –provides a physical and intellectual space for advanced research in the humanities and social sciences that is driven by curiosity and cross-discipline collaboration. It offers temporary fellowships to international and Dutch scholars. NIAS is located in Amsterdam.