Dinoo Anna Mathew ny affilierad forskare


Dinoo Anna Mathew från New Delhi, Indien kommer att vara affilierad forskare vid statsvetenskapliga institutionen under 2022. 

Dinoo Anna Mathew 

Dinoo Anna Mathew is a researcher affiliated with the Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden. She has a doctorate in peace and conflict studies from the University for Peace, Costa Rica. Her doctoral thesis focused on the local processes and practices of peace and its gendered dimensions in understanding the transformations of the state of Kerala in India, from a socially and economically unequal society in the presence of potential factors of conflict. 

Dinoo Anna Mathew has worked in the areas of gender, public sector governance, inter-governmental relations and policy, and mainstreaming peace and conflict studies into academic programs of select universities in South Asian and South-East Asian region. Her current research interests are intersections of gender, caste and class, inclusive peace building, democracy, and governance.

Senast uppdaterad: 2021-11-18