Refugee camp, Piraeus, Greece, 2016.   Photo: Sten Widmalm

Persona Project

Social capital, administrative traditions and crisis management in the EU

The Persona-project aims at uncovering and explaining differences in norms and administrative systems that may impede or favour efficient cooperation in crisis management. An additional purpose is to develop alternative courses of action that may discourage those differences or possibly bridge them.

Emphasising social capital, the project is carried out through studies of key actors and norm formation in crisis management, in order to identify how actors are affected by administrative traditions. To some extent other socio-economic factors, democratic values, attitudes towards hierarchies and matters of accountability will be considered.

The project intends to provide a map of norms and administrative traditions, covering decision makers within the central EU administration as well as the relevant authorities in a selection of member states.

The project is financed by MSB (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) and Uppsala University.

Research Team

Last modified: 2022-10-25