Johanna Nilsson presents her licentiate thesis 15 February


Johanna Nilsson presents her thesis Between Political Party and Armed Group - Understanding Renamo as a Hybrid Party on 15 February at 14:00.
The licentiate seminar takes place in Ostromsalen, Gamla Torget 6 (floor 4, accessed via the entrance to Gamla Torget and Klosterparken).

Johanna Nilsson

The external reviewer is Manuela Nilsson, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Studies, Linnaeus University.

Examining committee and chair is Sten Widmalm, Professor at the Department of Government, Uppsala University.

Between Political Party and Armed Group - Understanding Renamo as a Hybrid Party

Violence and politics are closely connected in many countries. Political parties use varying levels of violence to gain power or to influence political decisions. The use of violence in politics is even more prevalent in post-conflict countries’ where new political actors have a background as armed groups.

This thesis explores how violence and politics become intertwined by the political party Renamo in Mozambique, through a study of how Renamo's elite politicians behave and legitimise the use of violence. The study is based on interviews and media statements with elite politicians, collected during the period 2015–2017 in Mozambique. This period was marked by a resurgence of organised systematic violence, as Renamo operated both as a political party with a significant presence in parliament and as an armed group engaged in systematic violence. The study, conducted during the conflict years, examines how elite politicians in Renamo navigate between these two roles and it shows that these two roles are closely intertwined, positioning Renamo between being a political party and an armed group, thus making it a hybrid party. The main contribution of the thesis is that it highlights different processes for how this hybridity manifests and is maintained, which also enriches our understanding of and definition of hybrid parties.

Full-text available on DiVA open access

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