International collaboration

Exploring the relationship between natural hazard events and policy-making on a global scale is an inherently interdisciplinary endeavor, which also benefits from collaboration with world-leading experts and scholars on extreme natural hazards as well as public policy.

Some of these collaborations include:

Hazard-driven policy dynamics at the local-level. Collaboration with Dave Huitema, University of Amsterdam to investigate how local hazards may prompt policy changes associated with improved disaster risk reduction in cities and municipalities around the world.

Wildfire crisis management and response. Collaboration with Julia Baird and Ryan Plummer, Brock University, Canada; Bob Summers; and Örjan Bodin, Stockholm Resilience Center investigating the formation, performance and impacts of wildfire responder networks in Canada and Sweden.

Policy success in relation to extreme events. Collaboration with Paul ‘t Hart through the program Successful Public Governance to examine dimensions of success in relation cases of extreme events.

The Advocacy Coalition Framework research program. Collaboration with Chris Weible, University of Colorado Denver, USA; Hank-Jenkins Smith, University of Oklahoma, USA; Prof Adam Henry, University of Arizona, USA; and Karin Ingold around the Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) as a framework for studying policy processes around the world.

Last modified: 2021-12-14