Equal opportunities at the Department of Government

The Department of Government works to ensure that all staff and students are treated with respect and given the opportunity to work and pursue studies on an equal basis regardless of sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, age or social background.

Equal opportunities

The department has an equal opportunities plan (Lika villkorsplan 2021-2023), which details goals and measures related to the different grounds for discrimination. This document also contains the department's Gender Equality Plan 2015-2017, where you can read more about the goals and measures concerning gender equality at the institution. The plan was updated as a result of the monitoring work made around the old plan. Related to the equal opportunities plan, the department has documented students' right to equal treatment in a plan for equal treatment (Likabehandlingsplan för studenter).

Sexual harassment

The department strives for a good working environment for all staff and students. No one should be the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind in the workplace. If students or employees are affected by sexual harassment there is a local action plan detailing how to handle this (Handlingsplan mot sexuella trakasserier). 

Parental policy 

In the parental policy (Föräldrapolicy) you can read about how the university can assist staff and students in combining parenthood with work or studies.

Students' working condition

At Uppsala University, there are guidelines for students' working conditions which concern the rights of students regarding physical and psychosocial conditions, curricula and schedules, student empowerment and teaching. For further information, see Your Rights, Guidelines for Working Conditions.

Studying with disabilities

If you have a disability that is an obstacle for your studies, there is support available at the university. For further information, see Support for disabilities. The department also has a student counsellor for students with disabilities.

Committee for Equal Opportunities

Chair of the Committee (and researcher representative): Malin Holm malin.holm@statsvet.uu.se

Senior Lecturer representative: Olle Folke olle.folke@statsvet.uu.se

Administration representative: Stina-Lena Kaarle stina-lena.kaarle@statsvet.uu.se

PhD Student representative: Hannah Lundgren hannah.lundgren@statsvet.uu.se 

Student representative: Matilda Albertsson jama@uppsalapolitices.se

Professor representative: Maria Eriksson-Baaz maria.eriksson_baaz@statsvet.uu.se

Saco (Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) representative: Stina-Lena Kaarle stina-lena.kaarle@statsvet.uu.se

ST (The Union of Civil Servants) representatives:
Representant: Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh jonas.larsson@statsvet.uu.se
Suppleant: Josefina Erikson Josefina.Erikson@statsvet.uu.se

Last modified: 2021-12-13